Gay Mens Kilt Accessories - Celtic Kilt Pins and Brooches

Mens Kilt Pins and Brooches
No matter where you’re wearing a kilt, whether it’s formal or casual, a kilt pin should always be worn as an integral part of traditional Highland Dress and a great way to add additional detail and style to your men’s kilt.

Check out this interesting selection of Celtic Kilt Pins and Celtic Brooches to adorn your traditional Scottish tartan plaid or modern utility kilt.

There’s some really great styles and designs of kilt accessories available in traditional Scottish patterns and themes: Thistles, Crosses, Wolves, Celtic Knot designs and more, some very classic - others modern and edgy to suit your kilted style.

You might think a kilt pin or brooch has a primary function to fasten the aprons of the kilt together, but that would restrict movement when sitting down and risk tearing the fabric. Kilt brooches and pins are worn exclusively as a decorative item on a kilt’s flap, only be fastened through the top apron and not both. Traditional placement of the kilt brooch or pin is on the lower side of the edge of a kilt’s apron, the bottom about 4 inches from the hem.

Muscle Men In Kilts - Scottish Highland Games Photos

Muscle Bear In A KiltOoof! A bald, stocky, red-bearded caber-tossing Bear in a kilt.

The Ginger Bear kilted man pictured above is perfect for those who prefer your men in traditional wool Tartan Plaid Kilts. And he's certainly ideal for those of you who prefer your red-bearded men wearing a kilt to be big, beefy and muscular.

These pictures of men in kilts at timmeh71's Flickr photo-stream taken during the Scottish Highland Games in 2012. Some of the kilt pictures include classic event shots such as: Caber toss : Stone Put : Scottish Hammer Throw : Weight Throw : Sheaf Toss and other traditional beefy, burly, muscly Highland Games competitive events.

Sadly for those looking for bare Bear upkilt - upskirt photos - I hate to shatter your illusions, but from the Highland Games pictures I've seen, these guys are smart. They tend to wear supportive undergear beneath their kilts for good reason, if you're going to need a jockstrap or athletic support underwear to protect your testicles and scrotum during the heavy lifting the Highland events require.

Ginger Bear Wrestlers In Kilts

Ginger Bear Wrestler Kilts
Love this great photo of ‘The Highlanders’ wrestling team of the WWF’s Rory and Robbie McAllister. A wrestler Bear duo from the WWE known for their traditional Scottish tartan kilt garb during the early 2000’s. Of course, I’m particularly hot for Rory and that beautiful full red beard and his bald noodle. Robbie not so much as he usually had really long hair and overgrown whiskers too long for my tastes. And seriously: The Highlanders tended to avoid Lycra Wrestling Briefs and typically wore longer mid-thigh or long jammer style shorts during their rasslin’ bouts so the upkilt action tended to be a bit disappointing.

More info on these rasslin’ bears can be found at Wikipedia. For gay guys into rasslin' and other contact sports, check out some of the hot wrestling gear featured at this grappling blog.

Brent Cage In A Kilt

Ah, the notorious photo-blogger Brent @ Cageland - shameless provocateur of tattooed furry flesh thrilled all kilt loving Bear men with a few photos on FaceBook recently. Of note, I like the shorter than usual hem length on his utility kilt. I’m a leg man myself, and thrilled to see his kneecaps fully exposed - with gentle sea breezes at the helm.

Brent Cageland Bear In A Men's Kilt
Photo Credit - Brent Cage, Kilted by D.N. Bornman

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Discount Men's Utility Kilts - Cheap Kilts For Men

Men's kilts tend to be rather pricey. Typically $100-300 retail or custom ordered. So many are looking for chap ment’s kilts. It's nice to see Kilts At Auction or at Buy-It-Now prices that might let you snag a discount men's kilt. Remember, kilt-making requires more yards of fabric than you might think: A lot of pleating, pocketing and detailing makes finding men’s cheap kilts difficult.

The best search seems to be on 'Mens Kilt' for the broadest selection of Traditional and Casual modern cargo kilts, accessories, shoes and socks.

A more refined search on 'Utility Kilt' is more specific but limiting for Cargo, Utilitkilt, Amerikilt and other's you might be interested in:

eBay seems to have a nice selection of cheap kilts for men on any given day. Especially for used or overstock kilts in off-the-shelf sizes. I'd guess a lot of men like the IDEA of owning and wearing a kilt - but day to day LIVING in one may be a different matter. It's a niche fashion market for a specific kind of guy.

Kilt Belts - Best Belt for Kilt Wearing Men

Utility and Cargo Kilts tend to have W-I-D-E belt loops, so to find appropriate size belts you have to do a bit of digging. Ideally you want 50mm - 2" wide thick, solid-leather work belts. (But measure your kilt's belt-loop beforehand!) Most men's dress and work belts range from 1"-1.5" so you really have to hunt for wider belt manufacturers.

2" Double-Prong Wide Belt

Brown or Black

2" Single-Prong Wide Belt

Brown or Black

Dangerous Threads 2" Belt

9-11 oz. Hide : Snap Buckle Replacement

Measuring and Sizing A Belt For Your Kilt:

* In general, a belt's "size" is usually two inches larger than your pant size (for example, if you wear a size 38 jeans, you usually need a size 40 belt).
* From the heel of the buckle to the center hole of the belt end is typically the true 'size' measurement of the belt in inches. From the middle hole (there are 5) to the end of the belt is 5 1/2 inches.
* Take a belt that that already fits you well (belts can stretch over time) before ordering. The original size of your favorite belt may not be the one you need, especially on cheap, thin, or bonded belts that change over time.
* Measure from where the leather meets the buckle to the HOLE THAT YOU USE; that measurement is the size of the belt you need. You want a belt that will fit at the middle hole (there are usually 5 or 6 spaced an inch apart), with two holes (two inches) to spare on either side.

Hunting Bears In Kilts - Teddy Bear Bare Takedown

I like raw bear meat. And I like hunting 'em down in their element. I heard the rustle of his black-booted paws in the brush, and the snap of twigs under foot as he lumbered through the woods in his utility kilt. A big old bear with a thick pelt of fur across his back - with a bear cub in tow; I decided I was gonna take both of 'em down.

From Wikipedia: "A takedown is a combat sports term for a technique that involves off-balancing an opponent and bringing him to the ground, typically with the combatant performing the takedown landing on top."

Yeah. Like that. On top.
bear man in kilt wtih tatoo and teddy bear
Photo Credit: Unknown

I knew nailing this one was going to be EASY. I just knew that he'd be easy prey. First, cuz I spotted the bear-paw tattoo on his thick, meaty calf - the mark of an Easy Mark that wouldn't put up too much of a fight.

Second, cuz he had a teddy-bear in tow I knew he was a Gentle Soul - but wouldn't likely give it up without a struggle: That would just make the take-down more 'sporting'.

But mostly it was the third factor - that this was a Bear in a kilt on a hike - and that it would take only a split-second to upkilt them beefy legs and have at that furry creature. If his hairy back was any indication, that bear hole was buried under mounds of thick fuzzbutt seriously needing to get knobbed, and I was just the man to do it.

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Kilted Men - Swinging Tools On The Job

Their clothing catalog states: "EASY ACCESS - EVEN WHEN KNEELING OR SQUATTING" - Well, that's something we all want from rough, hairy, big and burly men on a construction site. Access to their tools, nuts, and other hardware.

This black 12oz. twill Blacklader workwear kilz features: Two reinforced free nail pockets which can be placed inside the front pockets with bellows. Dual back pockets with bellows. Hammer loop. Reinforced rule pocket with knife-holder and pen pocket.

Blaklader Utility Kilt

32" - 42" Waist

Lengths to the knee vary depending on waist side: From 31L to 33L in largest waist size. Rulers and Tape Measures sold separately.

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Gay Muscle Men In Kilts : Queer Culture Fashion

We like our kilted men beefy, muscular, thick - and accessible… Like this one here, who's vulnerable when bent over lacing up his high-top black leather boots. He wouldn't even see you coming. You could just hike up that kilt and big muscle your way into his backside while he's busy and distracted.
Photo: Dru Bruin

Warning though: Ya gotta take kilted Muscle Bears fast and quick! If he tries to fight you off, you probably are gonna get strong-armed and end up in trouble yourself. Maybe end up pinned to the floor with a face full of upkilt crotch squatting on your muzzle and forced to Eat It under the pleats.

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Get Tribal! Gear For Gay Kilt Tribe Members

It isn't just Irish, Scottish or other Celtic men that wear kilts. A resurgence of kilt wearing men is happening.

Photo Credit : Unknown

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